Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jule's Wellness Lifestyle November box review

It's always a happy day when my box from Jule's Wellness arrives.

Jule's Wellness is a Canadian company, supporting Canadian business.  I receive a themed box each month with high-quality and health-conscious products.  What else could I ask for???

The Details:

From the Website:
We hand-select health-conscious & female focused lifestyle products every month for our subscription box service. Surprise yourself or a loved one monthly to luxury wellness lifestyle products! This isn't just a box of sample packs... we send you an assortment of goodies from our boutique!

Cost:  $34.32/month including shipping

Item you are interested in purchasing after you've had a chance to sample them in the box, can be purchased in the online boutique.  You will receive a 10% discount code with your box.

This month, the box contains some culinary favorites and staples.  As always, there was an information card and this month we also received a recipe card.

This Month's goodies:

Lee's Ghee:

I have never tried Ghee before, so I guess this is a good time to start.  The butter is sourced from Ontario's Organic Meadow.  The website and card provide a lot of information on the health benefits and uses of Ghee.  The price online is $20/255g.  This is a 125g size so I valued it at $11.  

Earth's Choice Organic Coconut Milk:

We use coconut milk mostly in baking or smoothies in our house and this is a good size for that at 160 ml.  This is not available on their site, but I'm estimating it at $1.60 based on similar products.  

Celtic Grey Sea Salt:

I've used white and pink sea salt, but never grey, so this will be nice to try. This is a full sized 8 oz container, valued at $8 on their site. From the site: Light Grey Celtic® is a whole crystal (coarse), moist salt that is mineral-rich, completely unrefined and hand harvested. Dried by the sun and the wind; it retains the ocean’s moisture, locking in a vast array of vital trace elements. Light Grey Celtic® gets its light grey hue from the pure clay lining of the salt beds where it is harvested.
Light Grey Celtic® is perfect for use in a grinder and for cooking. The whole crystals dissolve with heat and moisture, enhancing food with its rustic, old-world flavor while adding vital nutrients to your diet.

Acropolis Organic Mousto Balsamic Vinegar:

I LOVE Balsamic Vinegar.  I just opened a new bottle though so I'm going to keep this one sealed until I've used that one up.  This is a great sized bottle (250 ml) which is priced at $12 on the site.  From the site:    Created from an ancient recipe, Acropolis Organics mousto balsamic vinegar is made from Romeiki grapes to deliver a taste as rich and dynamic as Crete's history and culture.
Unlike most modern balsamic to which cane sugar is added, our Mousto Balsamic is enhanced with Petimezi - a natural, ancient grape molasses, which gives our vinegar a full fruity sweetness. It's then aged in oak barrels for six years to further enrich its flavor. The refined chef's choice ingredient, Mousto Balsamic will transform your salads, vegetables, pasta, meat and seafood dishes into culinary works of art.  This is a product of Crete.

Jaswant's Kitchen Tadka Masala 100% Natural Indian Spice

Thanks to a very close Indian family friend, my kids have a developed a love of Indian food.  I've never attempted much but this I will use for sure.  They included a very simple recipe for salmon that even I shouldn't be able to mess up.  Again, this product is produced in Canada.  Price online is $8.


This box contains 5 items which will all be used.  The value is there, adding up to approximately $40.  Unfortunately, it didn't feel as exciting to me as some of the past boxes, but I guess that's because it contained staple items.  I'm hoping next month's box will be one that feels more like presents with Christmas coming.

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