Friday, November 6, 2015

Little Life Box November review

Oh how I love my Little Life Box.  I didn't get it last month and I missed it.  I purchased a one year subscription that I thought was auto-renewing, but it doesn't.  I had to go back on to their site and purchase another.  Not a big deal, just meant I missed a month of goodies.

As you can see, LLB changed their look - version 2.0 they say - it's a new colorful logo and the boxes are now white.  Looked different on the outside, but still the same awesomeness inside.

All of the details can be found on their site HERE.  Very simply - Your new healthy essentials. In a box.  At your door.  Every month.

This month's box is super loaded:

As usual, there is a good variety of items but mostly snacks and foods which suits me just fine.  There is always a mixture of samples and full sized items.  This month included the following goodies:

1. Flap Jacked buttermilk Protein Pancake Mix $3.65

Why have I never thought to add protein powder to my pancakes?  My kids love pancakes so I have many healthy recipes, but having a mix can be super handy.  All you need to add is 1 cup water and the mix will make 6-8 pancakes.  I checked out the company website here and see they have single serving protein muffin mixes too - chocolatey goodness.  A bag of the pancake mix sells for $9 on flapjack's site and $11 on LLB's (due to fact they are a US site and LLB is Canadian) - this sample is one-third of a full-sized bag.

2.  PB & Me all natural Powdered Peanut Butter - $8

I've been wanting to try powdered PB for a long time so I love that I got this one.  From the companies website: The original all-natural, low-fat peanut butter. Made with premium roasted peanuts, PB&Me traditional flavour is lightly blended with a hint of sweetness to create the delicious peanut butter you grew up eating, without the calories of course! PB&Me is a fresh take on Peanut Butter. We remove 90% of the fat from the peanuts - resulting a delicious alternative to traditional peanut butter, with 2x the proteins per gram than traditional stuff.  PB&Me's uses are endless! Add a little water to enjoy it as a spread, use it as an ingredient in your shakes, absolutely delicious in baking, or simply enjoy it by the spoonful!  2 Tablespoons of mix to 1 T of water - how simple is that!  This is a 180g bag, it's sold for $9 for a 200 g jar online.  Love that it's a Canadian company too!

3.  Simple 7 Quinoa Chips $1.25

MMM, chips, but healthy ones!  No fat, no artificial colors or flavors, no perservatives, gluten free all clean ingredients.  This is a 23 g bag.  A full size (99g) size bag is $4.  According to LLBs site they are available at health food stores as well as some major grocery chains (Sobeys, Loblaws, etc.).  Made in the USA.

4.  eLan Sunflower Seeds $3

Sunflower seeds without all the effort of shelling.  Organic, GMO and gluten free.  Packaged in Canada but from China.  This is a big bag (200g) and is priced at $3 on LLB so seems like a great value.

5.  Four o'Clock Tea bags - $0.50

This company has been included in the box in the past, but these are two new flavors which I'll be happy to try.  Gingerbread and Almond Biscotti.  Available in many healthy or organic food stores across Canada.  Another Canadian company.

6.  Real Salt - Nature's finest sea salt - $0.20

This is a really cute and very small salt shaker.  So cute. All-natural sea salt with more than 60 trace minerals, a unique taste their customers love, and reports of health benefits around the globe. Don’t we all just like it simple!  135g sells for $4.79 on so this is really only worth about $0.20 but it's a cute addition to the box.

7.  Amazing Grass Raw Reserve Super food Berry flavored mixes - $4

We've received these in a past box, just not the Berry flavor.  I'm going to pass these on to my husband and see what he thinks.  I wasn't fond of the other but I'm not so good with green powdering stuff.  Count them, if you dare: Amazing Grass Raw Reserve contains twenty five billion probiotics per serving. You could say it’s their ultimate combination of whole organic superfoods.  These are sold on Amazing Grasses site for $2/package

8.  Planima hazelnut cacao + maca sprouted vitality bar - $3.50

The Hazelnut Cacao bar combines the creamy taste of hazelnut butter with raw Peruvian cacao in a rich brownie-like treat. It's filled with crispy nuts and seeds, plus raw cacao nibs and maca root for an energizing boost in vitality and focus.  Enjoy the enhanced flavor and nutrition of living nuts and seeds that have been brought to life by soaking, sprouting, and gentle dehydration to preserve their life force.  Only the most nutritious whole food ingredients have been selected. No artificial ingredients or additives, ever.  Sounds super healthy and with cocao can it be bad?  Another Canadian company, this one appears to be founded by some young heath enthusiast.  

9.  Neocell Beauty bursts Gourmet Collagen soft chews - $1

Soft chewy candies that result in better complexion, nails and hair - yes please!  NeoCell Beauty Bursts deliver high absorption beauty nutrients in delectable, gourmet soft chews. Collagen Type 1 & 3 is the body's beauty protein & strengthens skin, hair & nails. Hyaluronic Acid is know as "Nature's Moisturizer" & hydrates the skin. Vitamin C is essential to boosting collagen in the skin. sells bags of 60 for $28.

10.  Earth paste toothpaste - $0.50

All natural, lemon twist and peppermint flavored toothpaste.  These packages will be super handy for an overnight trip.  Can be purchased online in tubes or in these travel sized packages for $6/24 packs.

11. Buckthorn Sniffle Stick - $5

A natural way of being.  Looks like a chap stick, but it's actually an essential oil blend to apply to your chest and nostrils when you have the sniffles.  I used essential oils all of the time when someone in the house has a cold, but this is perfect and easy to use.  Love this! Available on their site (but I couldn't find it) and  Another Canadian company who need to update their website though!

12.  Weleda Anrica Massage Oil 0.06 oz sample - $0.40

  • Nourishes skin with antioxidant-rich sunflower and olive oils
  • Addresses muscle aches and soreness with extract of ecologically harvested arnica
  • 100% natural fragrance of rosemary and lavender helps the mind to relax
  • 3.4 oz bottles is available from for $24.

    13.  Urban Spa classic nail brush - $3

    Another Canadian company, this will go straight into my basket of goodies near my bath tub.


    LOTS of stuff in this box.  It's taken me quite a bit longer than usual to write this post, which is a good thing.  The value of this box is $34 and I paid $25 for it.  Best of all though, I was introduced to quite a few new companies and products.  Happy, happy!

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