Thursday, January 29, 2015

February "intimates" shopping trip

After my disappointment with my January Wantable's Intimate subscription box, I went to Winners on my own, spent a similar amount and came home with items that fit right and I was happy with.  If interested, here's the post about it.  At the time, I promised myself I would do it again and this is today's trip - my February 'intimates' shop at Marshall's:

I have almost nothing pink in my wardrobe, so I decided to have a little fun and go with that color scheme.  I started with these fuzzy, super cozy, Rene Rofe sleep pants that were on sale for $9.00 - regular $15.  They seemed to be blowing out most of their fleece and such.  The pants have little scottie dogs on them.  The tag said comparable to $30, which seems a bit high compared to what I found online, but not much.

I found this no name pink camisole to wear with it on sale for $2, regular $10.  Tag says comparable to $14 but since it's not branded, who knows.  It feels nice, but may not be that great of quality but for $2, I decided to get it anyway.  I have a black cardigan (Joe Fresh, sleepwear) that I wear a lot when lounging around the house so I figure together with this cami, the scottie dog pants it will be a super cozy combo.

This pair of underwear was the same - not branded for $2.  Tag indicates regular price of $4 and comparable to $8.  I suspect they were part of a set that got separated, as there seemed to be a lot of that in the clearance section today.

Since it's awfully cold here, I've been wearing fuzzy socks to sleep in and lounge around the house.  I don't have a pair of knee high ones though, so I thought these would be fun to try out.  They are Aerosoles and came in a two pack for only $5 and they match these pants as well as the night shirt I got in my Wantable's January box.   The tag says comparable to $16 .

I loved these undies and bra set from Tommy Hilfiger.  They have cute little lace detail around the leg holes that feels really soft so shouldn't be irritating and the bra fit perfectly.  The undies were $5.99 and the bra $16.99, comparable to $16 and $36, which seems reasonable compared to what I found online.  If anything lower in value to what I found online.  I took this picture at a weird angle so the leg holes look huge, but they really aren't :).

Again, I had fun putting together my intimates bag of goodies.  In total I spent $42 before taxes.  The comparable to prices totaled $120.  My credit card charge for the January Wantable order was $54, so I spent less $12 but got at least equal value in what I purchased.  I have cancelled my Wantable subscription, and will continue to do this for a few more months.  I can't imagine having a need for this much stuff every month, but it's a great way to spruce up my drawers.

I still like the idea of getting a surprise in the mail, so I signed up to get the Wantable Accessories box.  The company seems to have their act together so I'm hoping that I'll be happy with what I receive in this one.  I did receive a discount on the first month, but after that I'll have to see.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Menu Plan Jan 26 - Feb 1

I can't believe this is the last week of January already!!  Time goes by so fast.

We have a little more 'normal' week, other than the boys both not having school on Monday & Tuesday for semester break and DD not having school on Friday.  Here's what my plan is:


Mexican rice bowls - rice, mexican spiced ground beef, black beans, salsa, corn, tomatoes, sour cream, avocado, all served over brown rice


BBQ chicken and Caramelized onion pizza using Costco prepared pizza crusts & sauce


Creamy Cauliflower & Ham Casserole (OAMM - cook extra to freeze)


Mexican chicken soup in pressure cooker


Pulled pork sliders
raw veggie tray


Kung Pao cauliflower (with Chicken breast added)
served with rice noodles


Beef Pot roast
Mashed potatoes


homemade burritos with Monday's leftovers
bacon and eggs
Cream of potato soup

chips and salsa
Homemade nutella - I've tried various recipes for this and this one is the best for sure!
Oatmeal muffins (that I didn't get around to making last week)

linking up at Real Food Recipe Roundup

Monday, January 19, 2015

Menu Plan - Jan. 19 - 25

We have a crazy week coming up.  DH is out of town on business, the DSs are writing final exams at school and DD has two evenings that are filled with basketball tournaments, and DS has 2 hockey games.  It means we need some quick and easy meals.  It also means the boys are home for lunches instead of packing them, and I also want to make sure they have some healthy breakfasts before leaving to write exams.

Chicken Cacciatore cooked in the pressure cooker served over cauliflower rice

Taco Soup from the freezer which was cooked previously (OAMM)

Pork Tenderloin with Emeril's Essence, served with roasted beets, and sweet potatoes

Asian Turkey burgers from freezer served with coleslaw

Take out or Dine Out to celebrate exams being over!

Crockpot Mongolian Beef (OAMM)

BBQ Salmon, Quinoa, salad

BLT sandwiches
Loaded Baked potatoes
Quinoa Vegetable instant soup mix (rec'd in Little LIFE box)

Whole foods Chewy Oatmeal PB Cookies
Bacon and Eggs
Yogurt, granola with fruit
Toast with homemade Blackberry Chia seed jam

Guacamole on crackers
Oatmeal muffins
Chia seed Energy bites  using chocolate and cranberry medley from here

Shared at Real Food Recipe Round Up and Menu Plan Monday

Thursday, January 15, 2015

My own "Intimates" box

After receiving my Wantable's intimate box, reviewed here, I was disappointed and convinced I could do better shopping on my own.  So instead of sitting in the facility during my daughter's soccer practice I stopped at Winner's (Canadian division of TJ Maxx) and put together my own bag of surprises.  They all fit right, cost less and will all get put to good use.

The charge on my credit card for this month's Wantable box was $53.  I decided to spend a comparable amount and this is what I came home with:

Item #1 - Rene Rofe sleepshirts, two pack. 
I know this brand has been in many Wantable boxes in the past.  I paid $19.99 for two, Winner's tag said comparable price was $40.  I will keep the owl one, since I have a fixation with owls, and give the other to my DD.  I took the pictures with very poor lighting but they are really fun in person.  They are size Small and have plenty of room.

Item #2 -  Kenneth Cole fleece lined leggings.
I've heard so much about fleece leggings but haven't worn any before.  These feel SO great on and will be much warmer than the ones I've been wearing up until now.  These are sized S/M and maybe a little on the large size but I definitely didn't want them too tight.  It just means they are a bit long, but I can just 'scrunch' them up and they look fine.  It also means there's a little room should they shrink.  They're a dark grey which will match a few things I have perfectly.  I've bought Kenneth Cole items in the past and always find them to be of good quality.  I paid $7.99, the tag said comparable to $14.

Item #3 -  Secret - boyfriend slouch socks
Just some basic cozy black socks.  I paid $3, comparable to $6.  Will work well with the leggings.

Item #4 -  Body Beautiful Seamless bras, 2 pack
I have never worn these types of bras so I'm happy I got a good price on them to try them out.  I have no idea if these are good quality, but for the price I don't expect they are.  I paid $5 (on sale from $10) and the tag says comparable to $22.

Item #5 - Jones of New York basic white undies
Okay so these aren't sexy at all but they fit well and are just nice basic everyday underwear.  These were only $2 (on sale) and the tag says comparable to $12.


I got more items, all of good quality, for less than my subscription.  I lucked out today and got a couple things on sale which helped bring the price down some more. With taxes included, I paid $41.78 for 6 items.  The full price of these items (using the comparable to amount on the tags) was $94.   I had more fun than sitting at the soccer facility and more fun than waiting at my mailbox for my subscription box to arrive.  Most importantly, they all fit properly.

I will cancel my Wantable subscription, even though I really did want to love it, and make a date with myself to put together my own 'surprise bag' on a monthly basis.  I really don't enjoy shopping when I have a particular item I need to find but I think I could have a lot of fun with this type of shopping.

Wantable Intimates Review - January 2015

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted to love this subscription.  The ordering process was very simple, they did a great job of asking me what I wanted, they shipped quickly and provided tracking information, and I was very happy that they charged Canadian duty at the time of ordering.  This way you know up front exactly what the costs will be - in my case, $47.01 ($4 discount for the first month).  The charge on my credit card, after the terrible exchange rate, was about $53.

I received 3 items which, according to their price estimates, were worth $72.  Not great, but not too bad if those prices aren't inflated, everything fits, and were items I would be willing to spend that much on.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

The first look had me very excited.  The card they include is very informative and personalized.

They did a great job of sticking with my preferences, sending 1 love item and 2 from my list of likes.

Item #1,  this SUPER comfy Sleep shirt by Pajama Drama.  It is super soft and feels great, but unfortunately quite tight.  I did sleep in it last night anyway but if I had purchased it myself, I would have sized up.  I indicated small on my preferences and that is what they sent.  I wear size 4 or 6 consistently which I assumed would be a small.

The attached card had retail value of $24.  Amazon has the same one for $17.00 right now.  I would be willing to pay either of these prices for this shirt, it's that cozy.

Item #2,  Daphne hispter by real Underwear.  Obviously, they can't know who I am and what type of person I am, but full lace underwear gal I am not.  They claim they are comfy but I like coverage and a little support on the butt.  Price listed is $20 which seems a bit high, but that could be legit since I've never bought anything like this before.  I would never purchase this item so the value to me is $0.

Item #3, Real underwear Fusion Cami lipgloss.  This cami feels super, is a great maroon color, but OMG is it small!!  I could barely get it over my head to try on!  I had my 12 yo daughter try it on and it was too small on her too.  Price listed is $28, which again seems high for a camisole, even though it does look like good quality.  Because I will never be able to wear it, the value to me is $0.


Unfortunately, Canadians can't return their box if they aren't happy, so I ended up paying $53 for a super snug sleep shirt.  I would LOVE to try it again, but I really can't justify the cost.  My sleepwear and underwear drawers definitely need a good overhaul and I was hoping this subscription would do that for me.  I will still check out what they send others in their monthly boxes and hopefully try to duplicate some of it, but sadly, I will be cancelling my subscription.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Little LIFE Box - January 2015

Little LIFE Box - January 2015

Happy Mail Day today!!

First look at my first Little LIFE box:

Next peak - looks nice and full!

First thoughts - lots of foods and snacks.  I've seen past month reviews on other sites and it seems to me recent boxes had more bath/body products.  I also have seen supplements in past boxes but I'm glad this box didn't have that.

Price: I purchased a 3 month subscription for about $70.00 including taxes, shipping, etc.  Since it's a Canadian company (yay!) I don't have to worry about exchange or the possibility of having to pay duty.

Shipping: They ship on the first Monday of the month and I received mine today so only 5 days which I think is great.

Items: They advertise up to 1 dozen healthy alternative samples.  I received 11 items, one of which I would definitely not call sample as it's a large bag.


Natracare feminine hygiene samples -  approx value $1
Certified organic cotton, plastic free, perfume free, and chlorine free.  Will be worth trying.  The box has 1 pad, 1 liner and 1 tampon.  These weren't listed as available to purchase on their site but I did find them on another site I purchase my healthy alternative products and the prices range, so hard to come up with a value so I guessed on this.

Natracare makeup remover cloth - approx value $0.50
I love that these are for sensitive skin as I have rosacea so have to be pretty careful with what I use.  These are great to throw in an overnight bag so will be using this weekend as we have to go out of town for a funeral service.  Again I used another site where they are priced at $9/20 wipes to come up with an estimated value.
Update:  Used this and it worked well.  It seemed more moist than others that I have used so I liked that.

Goddess Garden Organics Sunny Body SPF 30 sunscreen - approx value $0.65
I actually use this exact same sunscreen.  I like it but my kids don't because it goes on very white.  It takes a bit of time to get it rubbed in but it works and that's what's the most important to me.
Retail value $20/177ml

Camino Hazelnuts Chocolate Bar - approx value $4.50
Hazelnuts and milk chocolate - yum.......  I haven't tried this kind before but I've like other Camino bars so I'm sure this will be great.  Bar is 100g.

Snapea Crisps - approx value $0.60
I've tried these before and I thought they were okay.  My kids didn't like them - they thought they were too dry.  Gluten free, GMO free, fibre and low sodium.  Also included was a 50cent off coupon.

Naked Teas Organic Roasted Coconut - approx value $1
This sounds great.  I love black tea and this one sounds like a nice blend so I'll be trying it soon.  This is a company based out of Langley, BC and also includes a coupon for a free smart tea maker and free shipping with a $50 online order.  I'm interested in checking that out.   I'd suspect there is enough for about 3 cups or 1 pot of tea.

Naturade Vegan Smart Nutritional shake, Chai flavored - approx value $2.30
This will be great for my husband to drink before or after his workout.  He works out during lunch hour so doesn't want to eat a big meal those days.  According to their site, there are a lot of good things in the shake and nothing bad for you.  22.75 oz containers sells for $35.  This is a 1.51 oz sample.

GoGo Quinoa Vegetable and Quinoa Instant Soup mix - $2.50 value
This sounds great!  I'm looking forward to trying it.  This is enough to make 3 servings by adding to 2.5 cups boiling water and simmering for 10 min.  How easy is that??  Organic, gluten free, vegan and made in Canada too.
Update:  We didn't enjoy this soup.  It was quite tasteless.  We added salt and grated cheddar cheese to add some flavor.  Unfortunately, I wouldn't purchase.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts - approx value $1
I use these all of the time and buy mine at Costco in the big bag but this is a handy snack size that will be easy to throw in my purse or my hubbies gym bag.  This is a 15g sample.  On their site they sell 12 x 25g for $18.  The box also included a 50 cent off coupon and another for 10% off code for the next time you shop at

Tasty Bite Channa Masala - $3 value
This looks really interesting.  it's a microwavable pouch (ready in 1 min) of chickpeas with onions, tomatoes and spices.  My 18 yo DS loves Indian food and always looking for things to take to school or work for lunch so this is perfect for him.

Pure Organic Foods White Royal Quinoa - approx value $10
This is great - and definitely not what I'd call a sample size.  The bag is 500 g.  We use a lot of quinoa in our house so this will for sure go to good use.  I had actually added it to my grocery list this week so I can now take it off.  I didn't see this brand on the site but I guessed at the value based on other similar brands.  The box also included a recipe card from this company for Quinoa cakes with fresh herbs.

I'm very happy with my first Little LIFE box.  It had a good mix of things I'm familiar with and others I'm very interested in trying for the first time.  I came up with a value of approx. $27 which is slightly more than what I paid for it.
I'm looking forward to my next one.


Friday, January 9, 2015

Nature box - January 2015

I didn't expect this to come so soon so it was a nice surprise in the mailbox today!

Nature Box

This was my first shipment so I didn't get to choose the snacks but will get to in the future.  I used a 50% of your first shipment coupon code, but I see now that if you go to their site there is another offer to receive a sample box of 5 snacks for free.

I ordered my box on Dec. 28 so my ship date is the 29th of the month.  It arrived on the 9th which I think is pretty good for out of the country shipping.  According to my profile I can wait until Jan. 29 for my next box to ship, but if I want it sooner, I can can request it earlier.


Sea Salt Pop Pops
They advertise these as half-popped popcorn so I was expecting something a little harder on my teeth but was happy they weren't.  These had a great texture and a very light sea salt taste.  The kids didn't think they had enough flavor so in future I think I'll try another variety but I wasn't unhappy with them.  The bag is 113 grams.

Country Ranch Sunflower Seeds
These were exactly what I expected.  The Ranch seasoning was perfect - not too much at all.  Even the kids thought these were good.  The bag is 142 g size.

Cranberry Ranch Medley
For some reason I have kids who don't like dried cranberries.  I thought all kids would like the sugary Craisins, but mine aren't big fans (they don't like raisins either - go figure).  I don't think I would have ordered these for that reason but hubby and I thought they were very tasty and not as sweet as Craisins brand.  I think they'll be great in cookies and homemade energy bars.  The bag is 113g.

Dark Cocoa Almonds
How could anyone not like these?  I love dark chocolate so these are many favorite item in the box.  Everyone else liked them too.  The bag is 113 g, but unfortunately I know it will be significant smaller very soon.

Greek Yogurt Pretzels
Another hit.  These were the kids favorite, likely because they tasted the sweetest to me.  You'd never know these weren't bad for you.  I actually found them to be very sweet, but I'm more of a savory snacks girl.  The bad is 113 g.


We liked all of the snacks.

With coupon, exchange, etc., the charge on my credit card was $17.11.  That works out to approximately $3.45 per bag.  If I was to go to my health food store, I'd likely pay at least that amount (but likely a bit more) for a comparable sized bag of snacks.  Since I did use a coupon code, the next shipment will be more costly, but I do intend to give it another month for sure. It will nice to be able to select our own snacks next time.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Plugging away at my goals for the New Year

What a day we had today!  -43 Celsius with the wind chill!!!!  My DS had a new student in class - he moved from FLORIDA.  The poor family.  I can't even imagine what they are thinking.......

I've been petering away in the kitchen.  I've now purged and organized half of it.  Tomorrow a charity is coming to collect 9 bags of items.  Mostly clothes of my DD, but also some kitchen items I've parted with.  It feels great to get rid of things.

I tried a couple of recipes out for some healthier snacks and so far this recipe for Granola clusters has been the biggest hit.  Although I ended up with more granola than clusters......

I've squeezed in a little ME time - reading, and treating myself to a glass of wine or some chocolate every evening.  I purchased a new yoga DVD with weights and enjoyed a session yesterday as well.

I'm still hoping one of my subscription boxes will get here before the weekend.  I think the only possibility is the Little LIFE box since it's the only one coming from within Canada.  I contacted FabFitFun and they told me they were short on one item so were waiting for it to come before shipping the next ones out, but if I was okay with a replacement item, they would should it right away.  I asked them to please ship now.  They offered to replace the shake with a water bottle which I thought was a better item.  I hope it can get through without having to be stopped at the border for Customs.  So in total I ordered 5 different boxes and have had a delay/issue with 3 of them, haven't heard anything from one company and their website won't let me sign in.

Keep warm!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Subscription box updates

I received an eMail yesterday saying my Little LIFE box was on it's way and to expect it in 1-5 days.  That's great shipping time.

As for Glossy box, I sent a PM via facebook yesterday asking where it was.  They responded today that the box was being hold in the shipping department due to a problem with my address.  They forwarded the address they had on file and there is nothing wrong with it.......grrrrrr.  If it hasn't left the US yet, I'm not sure when it will arrive.  Not impressed so far.

I also received an eMail this afternoon from Wantable saying that due to a technical issue on their site, my preferences hadn't saved properly so I needed to redo them.  Hopefully this won't delay shipping by too much.

I just hope all of these boxes don't arrive when we are away on vacation!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Past Subscription boxes

I've always loved the idea of getting surprises in the mail, so I'm a sucker for subscription boxes.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for my bank account) there are a lot fewer options in Canada.  Here's a break down of all of the ones I've tried in the past:


Julep - I quit this subscription this fall as I just have TOO many nail polishes and wear it very rarely.  I got this one mainly for my DD, but she wasn't crazy on the colors.  I liked that the polish is 3 free, but she still prefers the awful stuff she gets in the cheap 'teenager' type of stores.  

Beauty Box 5 - this was likely my favorite beauty box because it was the cheapest (around $12/mo) and frequently had more natural alternatives.  I ended when my year was up last summer only because I had a stash I had to use up.

Ipsy - I didn't mind this one since it was inexpensive, but I just don't wear enough makeup to make use of what came in the box.  There were eye shadow colors I'd never wear, sparkles, etc.  I think it would be great for a younger woman or teen.

Glossy Box - I subscribed to this for about 6 months and then the Canadian division closed.  I did like most of the products, and they were frequently drugstore type items so I was able to repurchase items I liked easily.  What I like the most is that the products were most often full sized.  Not long ago, the US division announced they would be shipping to Canada and provided a box at half price for past Canadian subscribers.  I signed up for $26/mo and should be getting my first box (pictured below) any day now.

Snack Box - healthy snacks delivered monthly from Vancouver.  Although I did like most of the snacks, and the concept, I found I was throwing out 2-3 month.  I realized I could just go to the health food store with $20 and probably find as many things that I knew we'd like to try.  I thought about resubscribing last week but found they have now merged with a US company and items will be shipped from California.  I'm not interested in dealing with duties, etc. so likely won't get again.

Ecocentric Mom - I received this one for about 3 months and found that I liked half of what I got.  It's geared towards moms but some of the items were for younger kids than mine (18, 14 & 12).  There were also supplements or vitamins in each of the boxes which increased the value but not something I'm interested in.  I would try it again if I don't find another one I like better.  I did like the personal items (lotions, makeup, etc.) that were included.

I tried 1 month of the regular and 1 of Tyler Florence because I received them for half price but I was stuck paying duty which was more than what I saved with the discount code.  In each case I got items that I used as gifts, but I also received items I had no use for - to gift or personal use.  When the cost worked out to over $60/mo I need to be sure I'm going to like what I'm getting.

At this point I'm only signed up for Glossy box, BUT I've picked out a couple of others I'm going to try out.  Let's hope I get some great surprises!!!

Working on my goals

This weekend I spent some time working on my three goals for the New Year:

1.  Focus on home, this month on the kitchen in particular.

I was able to purge and organize one section of my kitchen.  That's about 25% done already!!

2.  Healthier snacks

I mixed up some popcorn seasonings for the kids and discovered a new GMO-free, organic purple tortilla chip that we all enjoyed with some fresh salsa.

3.  "Treat" myself daily.

I ordered a few subscription boxes that I have been admiring for a little while.  I love the idea of surprises in the mail so thought I'd try out a few,  I've ordered a few in the past and cancelled for one reason or another, and now have a few new ones to look forward to.  I'll post reviews as they arrive.

While purging my 'beverages' section of my kitchen, I got rid of about 6 mugs that were mismatched, chipped or just unloved.  One of my little treats for myself was to purchase a couple new sets to replace them.

Tonight I plan on sitting in front of the fireplace, watch Team Canada hockey game with my knitting and a cup of hot chocolate in my new mug.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Yesterday ..

"Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.  Write a good one."   

I love Brad Paisley, and this is one of his many great quotes.  

Although we didn't really do anything too productive w.r.t to our yearly goals, we did have a family discussion and my DH surprised the kids with adding a weekly financial incentive to their responsibilities - their rooms, their bathrooms and the basement.  Let's hope their love of cash helps keeps the house in better condition this year.

My focus will be the kitchen this month and I did discuss some of my plans with DH and got his okay on a few things - which is half the battle.  I found some nice goal sheets but want to think them through a bit more before printing out.  I'll share once I do so.

As for eating healthy snacks - that didn't really happen - we had leftovers from the party last night so didn't have a need for snacking.

For 'treating' myself, I purchased a few too many things on  I've been feeling that some of my casual, hang out at home clothes, needed replacing and I really don't like clothes shopping.  My 12 yo DD acted as my shopping stylist and we found 9 casual tops that should work well.  I don't think I've ever bought 9 items of clothing at once before!!

It was a lazy day and a nice start to the New Year.


Life gets crazy.  
I think I have ADD.  
I'm also lazy.
And scatter-brained,

Over the last couple of years, I have blogged about about home organization projects on my other blog  But I fell off the wagon there too. I did complete a few more home organization projects, I just didn't blog about them.  I even went so far as taking the pictures in some cases, I just didn't finish.  That pretty much sums up why my house is frequently chaotic - I start a lot of things but don't finish!!

I'm going to try to get back at it, but this time I'm going to post about a few other things as well, which is why I decided to use my original blog I set up so very long ago.  

As a family, we sat down on January 1st to record our New Year's Resolutions.  We haven't done this in the past but as the kids have gotten older (almost 18, 14 & 12) we want them to get involved in setting family goals.  I'd like to use this blog to keep track of our progress, share some projects and links, and hopefully brag about what all we've accomplished.  

As a family we are declaring 2015 the "Year of our Home".  Doing some home repairs, decorating, and keeping things more 'presentable' on a regular basis.  I've got a lot of PINS ready, followed quite a few other blogs and have a list of areas we'll tackle in 2015.  I've decided we'll start in the kitchen.  Not only is it the most used and loved area of the home, it's also an easy start since we don't have any big projects to do there.  

In addition, I want to continue on my goal of removing as many processed foods from our diet as possible.  I can't expect teens to give up junk food completely, but I'm planning on concentrating on keeping healthier snacks available to them (and my husband and myself too).  Since I'm still the one who does all - well 90% - of the cooking, I know they eat healthy main courses, but I want to be sure to have some healthy snack options around to grab and go, or munch on while doing homework or in front of the TV.  I've got a few recipes printed off and I'll be searching for some healthier store-bought alternatives too.  I found a Canadian subscription box, Little LIFE box that I just ordered that should give us a good start.  

I've also promised myself that I'm going to make a point of treating myself a little more often than I have in the past.  I'm fortunate to have the majority of the school hours to myself to get things accomplished and I'm going to try my best to squeeze in a little ME time everyday before the craziness of our evenings start.  I've got big holes in my wardrobe that need filling, old makeup that needs to be tossed and replenished, dry skin that needs hydrating, muscles that need toning, craft projects that need finishing, and the list goes on .......  Too many things that are easily pushed to the back burner when we are busy.

I hope to look back at this a year from now and see all I've/we've accomplished.  Hopefully, there will be someone out there in the blogging world that will enjoy our journey.