Thursday, January 29, 2015

February "intimates" shopping trip

After my disappointment with my January Wantable's Intimate subscription box, I went to Winners on my own, spent a similar amount and came home with items that fit right and I was happy with.  If interested, here's the post about it.  At the time, I promised myself I would do it again and this is today's trip - my February 'intimates' shop at Marshall's:

I have almost nothing pink in my wardrobe, so I decided to have a little fun and go with that color scheme.  I started with these fuzzy, super cozy, Rene Rofe sleep pants that were on sale for $9.00 - regular $15.  They seemed to be blowing out most of their fleece and such.  The pants have little scottie dogs on them.  The tag said comparable to $30, which seems a bit high compared to what I found online, but not much.

I found this no name pink camisole to wear with it on sale for $2, regular $10.  Tag says comparable to $14 but since it's not branded, who knows.  It feels nice, but may not be that great of quality but for $2, I decided to get it anyway.  I have a black cardigan (Joe Fresh, sleepwear) that I wear a lot when lounging around the house so I figure together with this cami, the scottie dog pants it will be a super cozy combo.

This pair of underwear was the same - not branded for $2.  Tag indicates regular price of $4 and comparable to $8.  I suspect they were part of a set that got separated, as there seemed to be a lot of that in the clearance section today.

Since it's awfully cold here, I've been wearing fuzzy socks to sleep in and lounge around the house.  I don't have a pair of knee high ones though, so I thought these would be fun to try out.  They are Aerosoles and came in a two pack for only $5 and they match these pants as well as the night shirt I got in my Wantable's January box.   The tag says comparable to $16 .

I loved these undies and bra set from Tommy Hilfiger.  They have cute little lace detail around the leg holes that feels really soft so shouldn't be irritating and the bra fit perfectly.  The undies were $5.99 and the bra $16.99, comparable to $16 and $36, which seems reasonable compared to what I found online.  If anything lower in value to what I found online.  I took this picture at a weird angle so the leg holes look huge, but they really aren't :).

Again, I had fun putting together my intimates bag of goodies.  In total I spent $42 before taxes.  The comparable to prices totaled $120.  My credit card charge for the January Wantable order was $54, so I spent less $12 but got at least equal value in what I purchased.  I have cancelled my Wantable subscription, and will continue to do this for a few more months.  I can't imagine having a need for this much stuff every month, but it's a great way to spruce up my drawers.

I still like the idea of getting a surprise in the mail, so I signed up to get the Wantable Accessories box.  The company seems to have their act together so I'm hoping that I'll be happy with what I receive in this one.  I did receive a discount on the first month, but after that I'll have to see.

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