Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Subscription box updates

I received an eMail yesterday saying my Little LIFE box was on it's way and to expect it in 1-5 days.  That's great shipping time.

As for Glossy box, I sent a PM via facebook yesterday asking where it was.  They responded today that the box was being hold in the shipping department due to a problem with my address.  They forwarded the address they had on file and there is nothing wrong with it.......grrrrrr.  If it hasn't left the US yet, I'm not sure when it will arrive.  Not impressed so far.

I also received an eMail this afternoon from Wantable saying that due to a technical issue on their site, my preferences hadn't saved properly so I needed to redo them.  Hopefully this won't delay shipping by too much.

I just hope all of these boxes don't arrive when we are away on vacation!!

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