Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wantable Intimates Review - January 2015

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted to love this subscription.  The ordering process was very simple, they did a great job of asking me what I wanted, they shipped quickly and provided tracking information, and I was very happy that they charged Canadian duty at the time of ordering.  This way you know up front exactly what the costs will be - in my case, $47.01 ($4 discount for the first month).  The charge on my credit card, after the terrible exchange rate, was about $53.

I received 3 items which, according to their price estimates, were worth $72.  Not great, but not too bad if those prices aren't inflated, everything fits, and were items I would be willing to spend that much on.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

The first look had me very excited.  The card they include is very informative and personalized.

They did a great job of sticking with my preferences, sending 1 love item and 2 from my list of likes.

Item #1,  this SUPER comfy Sleep shirt by Pajama Drama.  It is super soft and feels great, but unfortunately quite tight.  I did sleep in it last night anyway but if I had purchased it myself, I would have sized up.  I indicated small on my preferences and that is what they sent.  I wear size 4 or 6 consistently which I assumed would be a small.

The attached card had retail value of $24.  Amazon has the same one for $17.00 right now.  I would be willing to pay either of these prices for this shirt, it's that cozy.

Item #2,  Daphne hispter by real Underwear.  Obviously, they can't know who I am and what type of person I am, but full lace underwear gal I am not.  They claim they are comfy but I like coverage and a little support on the butt.  Price listed is $20 which seems a bit high, but that could be legit since I've never bought anything like this before.  I would never purchase this item so the value to me is $0.

Item #3, Real underwear Fusion Cami lipgloss.  This cami feels super, is a great maroon color, but OMG is it small!!  I could barely get it over my head to try on!  I had my 12 yo daughter try it on and it was too small on her too.  Price listed is $28, which again seems high for a camisole, even though it does look like good quality.  Because I will never be able to wear it, the value to me is $0.


Unfortunately, Canadians can't return their box if they aren't happy, so I ended up paying $53 for a super snug sleep shirt.  I would LOVE to try it again, but I really can't justify the cost.  My sleepwear and underwear drawers definitely need a good overhaul and I was hoping this subscription would do that for me.  I will still check out what they send others in their monthly boxes and hopefully try to duplicate some of it, but sadly, I will be cancelling my subscription.

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