Friday, January 2, 2015


Life gets crazy.  
I think I have ADD.  
I'm also lazy.
And scatter-brained,

Over the last couple of years, I have blogged about about home organization projects on my other blog  But I fell off the wagon there too. I did complete a few more home organization projects, I just didn't blog about them.  I even went so far as taking the pictures in some cases, I just didn't finish.  That pretty much sums up why my house is frequently chaotic - I start a lot of things but don't finish!!

I'm going to try to get back at it, but this time I'm going to post about a few other things as well, which is why I decided to use my original blog I set up so very long ago.  

As a family, we sat down on January 1st to record our New Year's Resolutions.  We haven't done this in the past but as the kids have gotten older (almost 18, 14 & 12) we want them to get involved in setting family goals.  I'd like to use this blog to keep track of our progress, share some projects and links, and hopefully brag about what all we've accomplished.  

As a family we are declaring 2015 the "Year of our Home".  Doing some home repairs, decorating, and keeping things more 'presentable' on a regular basis.  I've got a lot of PINS ready, followed quite a few other blogs and have a list of areas we'll tackle in 2015.  I've decided we'll start in the kitchen.  Not only is it the most used and loved area of the home, it's also an easy start since we don't have any big projects to do there.  

In addition, I want to continue on my goal of removing as many processed foods from our diet as possible.  I can't expect teens to give up junk food completely, but I'm planning on concentrating on keeping healthier snacks available to them (and my husband and myself too).  Since I'm still the one who does all - well 90% - of the cooking, I know they eat healthy main courses, but I want to be sure to have some healthy snack options around to grab and go, or munch on while doing homework or in front of the TV.  I've got a few recipes printed off and I'll be searching for some healthier store-bought alternatives too.  I found a Canadian subscription box, Little LIFE box that I just ordered that should give us a good start.  

I've also promised myself that I'm going to make a point of treating myself a little more often than I have in the past.  I'm fortunate to have the majority of the school hours to myself to get things accomplished and I'm going to try my best to squeeze in a little ME time everyday before the craziness of our evenings start.  I've got big holes in my wardrobe that need filling, old makeup that needs to be tossed and replenished, dry skin that needs hydrating, muscles that need toning, craft projects that need finishing, and the list goes on .......  Too many things that are easily pushed to the back burner when we are busy.

I hope to look back at this a year from now and see all I've/we've accomplished.  Hopefully, there will be someone out there in the blogging world that will enjoy our journey.


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