Sunday, January 4, 2015

Working on my goals

This weekend I spent some time working on my three goals for the New Year:

1.  Focus on home, this month on the kitchen in particular.

I was able to purge and organize one section of my kitchen.  That's about 25% done already!!

2.  Healthier snacks

I mixed up some popcorn seasonings for the kids and discovered a new GMO-free, organic purple tortilla chip that we all enjoyed with some fresh salsa.

3.  "Treat" myself daily.

I ordered a few subscription boxes that I have been admiring for a little while.  I love the idea of surprises in the mail so thought I'd try out a few,  I've ordered a few in the past and cancelled for one reason or another, and now have a few new ones to look forward to.  I'll post reviews as they arrive.

While purging my 'beverages' section of my kitchen, I got rid of about 6 mugs that were mismatched, chipped or just unloved.  One of my little treats for myself was to purchase a couple new sets to replace them.

Tonight I plan on sitting in front of the fireplace, watch Team Canada hockey game with my knitting and a cup of hot chocolate in my new mug.

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