Thursday, January 15, 2015

My own "Intimates" box

After receiving my Wantable's intimate box, reviewed here, I was disappointed and convinced I could do better shopping on my own.  So instead of sitting in the facility during my daughter's soccer practice I stopped at Winner's (Canadian division of TJ Maxx) and put together my own bag of surprises.  They all fit right, cost less and will all get put to good use.

The charge on my credit card for this month's Wantable box was $53.  I decided to spend a comparable amount and this is what I came home with:

Item #1 - Rene Rofe sleepshirts, two pack. 
I know this brand has been in many Wantable boxes in the past.  I paid $19.99 for two, Winner's tag said comparable price was $40.  I will keep the owl one, since I have a fixation with owls, and give the other to my DD.  I took the pictures with very poor lighting but they are really fun in person.  They are size Small and have plenty of room.

Item #2 -  Kenneth Cole fleece lined leggings.
I've heard so much about fleece leggings but haven't worn any before.  These feel SO great on and will be much warmer than the ones I've been wearing up until now.  These are sized S/M and maybe a little on the large size but I definitely didn't want them too tight.  It just means they are a bit long, but I can just 'scrunch' them up and they look fine.  It also means there's a little room should they shrink.  They're a dark grey which will match a few things I have perfectly.  I've bought Kenneth Cole items in the past and always find them to be of good quality.  I paid $7.99, the tag said comparable to $14.

Item #3 -  Secret - boyfriend slouch socks
Just some basic cozy black socks.  I paid $3, comparable to $6.  Will work well with the leggings.

Item #4 -  Body Beautiful Seamless bras, 2 pack
I have never worn these types of bras so I'm happy I got a good price on them to try them out.  I have no idea if these are good quality, but for the price I don't expect they are.  I paid $5 (on sale from $10) and the tag says comparable to $22.

Item #5 - Jones of New York basic white undies
Okay so these aren't sexy at all but they fit well and are just nice basic everyday underwear.  These were only $2 (on sale) and the tag says comparable to $12.


I got more items, all of good quality, for less than my subscription.  I lucked out today and got a couple things on sale which helped bring the price down some more. With taxes included, I paid $41.78 for 6 items.  The full price of these items (using the comparable to amount on the tags) was $94.   I had more fun than sitting at the soccer facility and more fun than waiting at my mailbox for my subscription box to arrive.  Most importantly, they all fit properly.

I will cancel my Wantable subscription, even though I really did want to love it, and make a date with myself to put together my own 'surprise bag' on a monthly basis.  I really don't enjoy shopping when I have a particular item I need to find but I think I could have a lot of fun with this type of shopping.

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