Friday, January 9, 2015

Nature box - January 2015

I didn't expect this to come so soon so it was a nice surprise in the mailbox today!

Nature Box

This was my first shipment so I didn't get to choose the snacks but will get to in the future.  I used a 50% of your first shipment coupon code, but I see now that if you go to their site there is another offer to receive a sample box of 5 snacks for free.

I ordered my box on Dec. 28 so my ship date is the 29th of the month.  It arrived on the 9th which I think is pretty good for out of the country shipping.  According to my profile I can wait until Jan. 29 for my next box to ship, but if I want it sooner, I can can request it earlier.


Sea Salt Pop Pops
They advertise these as half-popped popcorn so I was expecting something a little harder on my teeth but was happy they weren't.  These had a great texture and a very light sea salt taste.  The kids didn't think they had enough flavor so in future I think I'll try another variety but I wasn't unhappy with them.  The bag is 113 grams.

Country Ranch Sunflower Seeds
These were exactly what I expected.  The Ranch seasoning was perfect - not too much at all.  Even the kids thought these were good.  The bag is 142 g size.

Cranberry Ranch Medley
For some reason I have kids who don't like dried cranberries.  I thought all kids would like the sugary Craisins, but mine aren't big fans (they don't like raisins either - go figure).  I don't think I would have ordered these for that reason but hubby and I thought they were very tasty and not as sweet as Craisins brand.  I think they'll be great in cookies and homemade energy bars.  The bag is 113g.

Dark Cocoa Almonds
How could anyone not like these?  I love dark chocolate so these are many favorite item in the box.  Everyone else liked them too.  The bag is 113 g, but unfortunately I know it will be significant smaller very soon.

Greek Yogurt Pretzels
Another hit.  These were the kids favorite, likely because they tasted the sweetest to me.  You'd never know these weren't bad for you.  I actually found them to be very sweet, but I'm more of a savory snacks girl.  The bad is 113 g.


We liked all of the snacks.

With coupon, exchange, etc., the charge on my credit card was $17.11.  That works out to approximately $3.45 per bag.  If I was to go to my health food store, I'd likely pay at least that amount (but likely a bit more) for a comparable sized bag of snacks.  Since I did use a coupon code, the next shipment will be more costly, but I do intend to give it another month for sure. It will nice to be able to select our own snacks next time.


  1. hi i was wondering what was shipping like as i live in Canada also
    thanks David

  2. $7.95 to ship to Canada in addition to the $19.95 membership.

  3. was there any duty or taxes on that i get leary when i get suff from the USA

  4. I'm also leary but it worked out well this time. I guess there's no guarantee that I won't get hit with duty next time though. I've also tried Little LIFE box, which is Canadian so no risk of that. Here's the review of it: