Sunday, January 4, 2015

Past Subscription boxes

I've always loved the idea of getting surprises in the mail, so I'm a sucker for subscription boxes.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for my bank account) there are a lot fewer options in Canada.  Here's a break down of all of the ones I've tried in the past:


Julep - I quit this subscription this fall as I just have TOO many nail polishes and wear it very rarely.  I got this one mainly for my DD, but she wasn't crazy on the colors.  I liked that the polish is 3 free, but she still prefers the awful stuff she gets in the cheap 'teenager' type of stores.  

Beauty Box 5 - this was likely my favorite beauty box because it was the cheapest (around $12/mo) and frequently had more natural alternatives.  I ended when my year was up last summer only because I had a stash I had to use up.

Ipsy - I didn't mind this one since it was inexpensive, but I just don't wear enough makeup to make use of what came in the box.  There were eye shadow colors I'd never wear, sparkles, etc.  I think it would be great for a younger woman or teen.

Glossy Box - I subscribed to this for about 6 months and then the Canadian division closed.  I did like most of the products, and they were frequently drugstore type items so I was able to repurchase items I liked easily.  What I like the most is that the products were most often full sized.  Not long ago, the US division announced they would be shipping to Canada and provided a box at half price for past Canadian subscribers.  I signed up for $26/mo and should be getting my first box (pictured below) any day now.

Snack Box - healthy snacks delivered monthly from Vancouver.  Although I did like most of the snacks, and the concept, I found I was throwing out 2-3 month.  I realized I could just go to the health food store with $20 and probably find as many things that I knew we'd like to try.  I thought about resubscribing last week but found they have now merged with a US company and items will be shipped from California.  I'm not interested in dealing with duties, etc. so likely won't get again.

Ecocentric Mom - I received this one for about 3 months and found that I liked half of what I got.  It's geared towards moms but some of the items were for younger kids than mine (18, 14 & 12).  There were also supplements or vitamins in each of the boxes which increased the value but not something I'm interested in.  I would try it again if I don't find another one I like better.  I did like the personal items (lotions, makeup, etc.) that were included.

I tried 1 month of the regular and 1 of Tyler Florence because I received them for half price but I was stuck paying duty which was more than what I saved with the discount code.  In each case I got items that I used as gifts, but I also received items I had no use for - to gift or personal use.  When the cost worked out to over $60/mo I need to be sure I'm going to like what I'm getting.

At this point I'm only signed up for Glossy box, BUT I've picked out a couple of others I'm going to try out.  Let's hope I get some great surprises!!!

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