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Little LIFE Box - January 2015

Little LIFE Box - January 2015

Happy Mail Day today!!

First look at my first Little LIFE box:

Next peak - looks nice and full!

First thoughts - lots of foods and snacks.  I've seen past month reviews on other sites and it seems to me recent boxes had more bath/body products.  I also have seen supplements in past boxes but I'm glad this box didn't have that.

Price: I purchased a 3 month subscription for about $70.00 including taxes, shipping, etc.  Since it's a Canadian company (yay!) I don't have to worry about exchange or the possibility of having to pay duty.

Shipping: They ship on the first Monday of the month and I received mine today so only 5 days which I think is great.

Items: They advertise up to 1 dozen healthy alternative samples.  I received 11 items, one of which I would definitely not call sample as it's a large bag.


Natracare feminine hygiene samples -  approx value $1
Certified organic cotton, plastic free, perfume free, and chlorine free.  Will be worth trying.  The box has 1 pad, 1 liner and 1 tampon.  These weren't listed as available to purchase on their site but I did find them on another site I purchase my healthy alternative products and the prices range, so hard to come up with a value so I guessed on this.

Natracare makeup remover cloth - approx value $0.50
I love that these are for sensitive skin as I have rosacea so have to be pretty careful with what I use.  These are great to throw in an overnight bag so will be using this weekend as we have to go out of town for a funeral service.  Again I used another site where they are priced at $9/20 wipes to come up with an estimated value.
Update:  Used this and it worked well.  It seemed more moist than others that I have used so I liked that.

Goddess Garden Organics Sunny Body SPF 30 sunscreen - approx value $0.65
I actually use this exact same sunscreen.  I like it but my kids don't because it goes on very white.  It takes a bit of time to get it rubbed in but it works and that's what's the most important to me.
Retail value $20/177ml

Camino Hazelnuts Chocolate Bar - approx value $4.50
Hazelnuts and milk chocolate - yum.......  I haven't tried this kind before but I've like other Camino bars so I'm sure this will be great.  Bar is 100g.

Snapea Crisps - approx value $0.60
I've tried these before and I thought they were okay.  My kids didn't like them - they thought they were too dry.  Gluten free, GMO free, fibre and low sodium.  Also included was a 50cent off coupon.

Naked Teas Organic Roasted Coconut - approx value $1
This sounds great.  I love black tea and this one sounds like a nice blend so I'll be trying it soon.  This is a company based out of Langley, BC and also includes a coupon for a free smart tea maker and free shipping with a $50 online order.  I'm interested in checking that out.   I'd suspect there is enough for about 3 cups or 1 pot of tea.

Naturade Vegan Smart Nutritional shake, Chai flavored - approx value $2.30
This will be great for my husband to drink before or after his workout.  He works out during lunch hour so doesn't want to eat a big meal those days.  According to their site, there are a lot of good things in the shake and nothing bad for you.  22.75 oz containers sells for $35.  This is a 1.51 oz sample.

GoGo Quinoa Vegetable and Quinoa Instant Soup mix - $2.50 value
This sounds great!  I'm looking forward to trying it.  This is enough to make 3 servings by adding to 2.5 cups boiling water and simmering for 10 min.  How easy is that??  Organic, gluten free, vegan and made in Canada too.
Update:  We didn't enjoy this soup.  It was quite tasteless.  We added salt and grated cheddar cheese to add some flavor.  Unfortunately, I wouldn't purchase.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts - approx value $1
I use these all of the time and buy mine at Costco in the big bag but this is a handy snack size that will be easy to throw in my purse or my hubbies gym bag.  This is a 15g sample.  On their site they sell 12 x 25g for $18.  The box also included a 50 cent off coupon and another for 10% off code for the next time you shop at

Tasty Bite Channa Masala - $3 value
This looks really interesting.  it's a microwavable pouch (ready in 1 min) of chickpeas with onions, tomatoes and spices.  My 18 yo DS loves Indian food and always looking for things to take to school or work for lunch so this is perfect for him.

Pure Organic Foods White Royal Quinoa - approx value $10
This is great - and definitely not what I'd call a sample size.  The bag is 500 g.  We use a lot of quinoa in our house so this will for sure go to good use.  I had actually added it to my grocery list this week so I can now take it off.  I didn't see this brand on the site but I guessed at the value based on other similar brands.  The box also included a recipe card from this company for Quinoa cakes with fresh herbs.

I'm very happy with my first Little LIFE box.  It had a good mix of things I'm familiar with and others I'm very interested in trying for the first time.  I came up with a value of approx. $27 which is slightly more than what I paid for it.
I'm looking forward to my next one.


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