Thursday, January 8, 2015

Plugging away at my goals for the New Year

What a day we had today!  -43 Celsius with the wind chill!!!!  My DS had a new student in class - he moved from FLORIDA.  The poor family.  I can't even imagine what they are thinking.......

I've been petering away in the kitchen.  I've now purged and organized half of it.  Tomorrow a charity is coming to collect 9 bags of items.  Mostly clothes of my DD, but also some kitchen items I've parted with.  It feels great to get rid of things.

I tried a couple of recipes out for some healthier snacks and so far this recipe for Granola clusters has been the biggest hit.  Although I ended up with more granola than clusters......

I've squeezed in a little ME time - reading, and treating myself to a glass of wine or some chocolate every evening.  I purchased a new yoga DVD with weights and enjoyed a session yesterday as well.

I'm still hoping one of my subscription boxes will get here before the weekend.  I think the only possibility is the Little LIFE box since it's the only one coming from within Canada.  I contacted FabFitFun and they told me they were short on one item so were waiting for it to come before shipping the next ones out, but if I was okay with a replacement item, they would should it right away.  I asked them to please ship now.  They offered to replace the shake with a water bottle which I thought was a better item.  I hope it can get through without having to be stopped at the border for Customs.  So in total I ordered 5 different boxes and have had a delay/issue with 3 of them, haven't heard anything from one company and their website won't let me sign in.

Keep warm!

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