Monday, February 2, 2015

Wantable Accessories January 2015

WOW!!! I can not believe I received this in the mail today.  I placed the order on Jan. 22 - that's only 7 business days ago.  I don't think I have ever ordered something from the US and have it arrive so soon.

I had tried the Wantable Intimates subscription box (review here), and didn't have that much luck with fit and style, but I was so impressed with the company I wanted to try another version of the box.  I thought the fit of accessories should be okay and I was willing to take the risk with style.  Not to mention I found a great deal getting the box 30% off (deal now over).

Here are my likes and dislikes.  I have necklaces and classic as my loves as I was really on the hunt for a classic statement necklace.  I was happy to get 4 items including a statement necklace.

Blair Necklace Gold - retail $42
This necklace is definitely a statement necklace!  I'm not sure if I like it though.  It may be a little 'out there' for me, but I'm willing to try it and step out of my traditional box.  It has lots of sparkle and light pink and yellow jewels.  What I'm not that fond of are the plastic blue circles.  I think it cheapens the look.  The retail value seems high, but I've never bought such a thing so it could be right on.  It does seem to be made well.  I'll have to find something in my closet to complement it.

Corinne Bracelet Silver - retail $12
I LOVE this bracelet.  It's nice and  simple and it fits my tiny wrists since it can be molded to any size.  I was worried I'd get bangles that would be far too big for me.  Very happy with this and would definitely pay the retail listed on this.

Corbin Earrings - retail $10
This are very simple small (1/4") gold studs with small stones inset.  I think these complement the statement necklace well.  I have quite a few gold studs, but these are a little more unique.  I'm sure I'll wear them.

Sasha Earrings Gold - retail value $18
These are definitely statement earrings!  They are very colorful with an orange main stone, surrounded by pink, white and a pale blue stone.  Definitely unique for me, but something I can see myself wearing on our upcoming vacation to dress up a plain outfit.  These are 1.25" so fairly large but don't hang down too far which I like.

I was very happy with this box for the discounted price I paid.  I will try it again even at the higher price point.  I hope our exchange rate was better as it will likely cost about $55 after all taxes, duties, exchange, etc.   The retail value is $82.  Although that's a great value, I always like to look more at the value that it has to me and I'd say it's about half of that - meaning I could likely spend about $40 and get similar items.  I do like that it's going to get me out of my comfort zone.  I'm not sure I would have bought these same items if I'd seen them in the store, but willing to try them out.

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