Friday, February 6, 2015

Little LIFE box February 2015 Review

My second Little LIFE box arrived this morning - again, 5 days after they were shipped out which I think is great.  If interested in seeing what came last month, the review is here.

The first view, same as last month, looked nice and full.  I think my box was missing the little postcard that is usually included but that's no big deal.


1.  Spatone 100% natural liquid iron supplement  - not for sale on their site so I wasn't able to get a price on this there but I found it elsewhere for $15.  14 day supply.

This was the largest item in the box and I can't imagine I'll be using it.  I was once anemic so I know it's an issue for some people but I now have my iron levels okay so don't want to take something I don't need as I know it can cause stomach issues to have too much iron.  I will check to see if any other family members are interested in it and pass it along.

2,   Symbiotics Colostrum chewable plus - 2 tablets
I don't understand sending 2 tablets of a supplement.  How do I know it makes any difference after 1 dose??

3,  Total Soy meal replacement mix. Enough for 1 drink - not available on their site, nor could I find it elsewhere so not sure of value.  I'd guess about $2.50
This is vanilla flavored and I will be sending it with my DH for him to have on his workout days.

4.  Nature Pro Chocolate Whey protein shake mix , enough for 1 shake
Again, this wasn't available to purchase on their site, nor could I find it elsewhere so I'm guessing at $2.50.  The sample is in a plain foil pack, but all the information you need is included on the pamphlet.  I will also send this with my DH to have after workouts.

5.  Leach Free Detox Pills - Body Burden BPA Detoxifier 60 capsules
These aren't available to purchase online so not sure what price to put on them.   There is a good information card that comes with it and their website also has information on why you want to detox.  You can take 2 capsules for a daily detox so this is a month supply.  It definitely looks interesting so I will be reading up more on it before attempting this.  I'd say this is something I didn't know I needed but probably should use it.

6.  Sunny Body Goddess Garden SPF 30 natural sunscreen 1oz/29ml - est. $5 value
We received this product in last month's box as well, but this is a larger size.  This is a product I've been using for at least a year so nothing new to me, but I am still happy with receiving it.  It's a perfect size to throw in my purse or travel bag.  It goes on very white and does take awhile to rub in but I've been happy with it.

7.  Neolia shampoo and conditioner foil packs - 10ml each.  approx value of $0.40
Full size on Neolia's site is $8/400ml 
These should give me two uses each and are handy to throw in a travel bag.  I like the natural ingredients so definitely interested in trying this one out.

8.  GoGo Quinoa cookies x2 - estimated value of $0.50
Wheat free, gluten free, vegan, dairy and egg free.  I will be throwing these in my DD's lunch kit for a healthy treat.
9.  Theobroma dark chocolate raspberry mini chocolate bar - 10 ml .  On their site you can get a box of 75 for $58.50 so I estimate this one is worth $0.75.  I LOVE dark chocolate with fruit so this is for me!

10.  Fourmi Bionique Aphrodisiac Gourmet Granola - full size 300g priced at $5.30 on their site.
Not sure why this is considered an aphrodisiac??  Maybe because it has dark chocolate, almonds, currants and ginseng.    This will be good with yogurt and fruit and will definitely get put to use.


I wasn't as happy with this month's as last.  I assume the value is there but some items were hard to put a price on.  I wouldn't have purchased most of the items though, so the value to me seems low, but that's just me.  I think I would prefer to get more food, and body products and less health/supplements since I think those are very specific to a person's needs and interests. 

I purchased a 3 month subscription and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes in March.  

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