Monday, September 14, 2015

Clothing and Mystery Boxes

As is obvious to anyone who's read any of my posts, I love getting surprises in the mail.  I'm not so good at using up those surprises though so I had to re-evaluate what I was getting.  A lot of it was just going into my stash and not seeing the light of day again.

So, I cancelled a couple of subscriptions.

Going to the mailbox was back to boring.

I Kon-mari'ed my closet and I got rid of a lot of old clothes.  A LOT of clothes.

I saw a need for new clothes.

I went back online and discovered many mystery style shopping sites.  I knew I was in trouble but I kept going.........

The first I tried was Sunshine Crate.  My review of the mystery bag is here.  I'm not sure why I chose to order from there first, but I did.  In retrospect, I think the clothes are geared more to a younger crowd and I wasn't impressed with the quality.  After ordering the mystery bag I ordered another of the regular bags where you chose 1 item and then the rest are surprises.  The entire bag was a miss.  The clothes didn't fit and the quality was poor.  The entire bag went back.  They do offer a full refund so all I lost out was $16 to ship it back.  Not that expensive of a lesson.  I have noticed that  she has been purchasing higher quality items recently so that may help.  I hope she does well as the owner seemed very helpful, but I just don't think it's for me.

The second I tried was Moxie.Style.  I have yet to review the items - update review #1 is done - but let's just say I have made three more orders since receiving the first.........yes I may have a problem.  Moxie has a very active and addictive Facebook account which is where you find out what's going on, and there's a lot going on. She (she being the owner and sole employee, Jackie Lisa) is constantly posting new plans, new specials, new products, new ideas she wants feedback on, etc.  She started the business in June and it seems to have taken off at warped speed.  It is part mystery, part chosen items so a great mix.  The quality seems good and somehow she offers very inexpensive - and sometimes free - shipping to Canada.  She must not be making very much on anything she's sending this way!  I will post what I've received so far very soon.

The third one I've ordered from is Relish Clothing.  Again, this is a very new startup (started this spring) and is taking off very quickly.  This one also uses Facebook to communicate with it's customers.  Relish relies on you sending them a list of your likes and dislikes and links to your pinterest boards so she can get an idea of who you are, and what would be flattering for you.  The more info you give her, the better chances of getting something that works.  There are mystery bags for clothing or accessories.  My first order is on the way and I'm super excited!  They are not quick to ship as she will hold your box if she thinks something she has on order will be great for you.  She's all about quality or quantity but from what I've seen, the boxes look great!  The one big downside is the $35 shipping to Canada.  Of course, the exchange sucks too, but that can't be avoided.  Yesterday, she had a 23% off sale because it was her birthday, and I ordered a second box..........yes I may have a problem.  I asked her to delay filling and shipping for a couple of months though.  Update:  Review of my first package is here.

Finally, after discovering these, I learned of a Canadian option, Magnolia Post Co.  which looks promising.  September was their first month so I'm waiting to see what other's got before considering.  I do think  it's geared more to the professional gal rather than a stay at home mom, though.

With 4 orders on the way, I should be good for clothes until after Christmas for sure!  I don't really enjoy shopping for clothes, never know what to get, and not really liking the limited selection of items here.  If this works well, it may become my only way to purchase clothing.

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