Thursday, September 17, 2015

Relish Clothing review #1

I say #1 because there WILL be more.  I'm in love with almost everything that arrived in my mystery box!  I ordered a Medium sized box - 6 or 7 items - for $149 US plus $30 shipping to Canada.  I can't remember why, but at the time I ordered there was a 10% discount so in total, I paid $164 US or about $215 Can.  For me, that was taking a risk.  I don't tend to spend that much on clothes but I knew my closet needed some TLC.

If you're interested in how Relish works the best thing to do is join the group on Facebook and to place an order visit the website

I am NOT a fashionista - I need all the help I can get to look presentable.  I don't mind shopping, but I really don't know what looks good, what's in style, etc. so all the help I can get is a good thing.

What I need is real clothes and that's exactly what I got.  These are all staple items.

I still need to spend quite a bit of time styling the outfits, but here's what I got:

1.  Esley Blazer
This is a knit blazer that can perfectly dress up a pair of jeans but with the comfort of wearing a sweater or cardigan.  I had asked for this and in this color.  They did size me up to a Medium which was the right thing to do as a small would not have fit.

I did a quick search and found in on sale in a variety of online boutiques for between $60 and $75.

2,  Creative Concepts blouse
Another one that I had pinned as an item I liked from past boxes.  It does run large in size so this size Small is big, but is still fine.

I found many Creative Concepts blouses online (and in Stitch Fix reviews) priced around $60.

3.  Le Lis long sleeve t-shirt
Perfect everyday t-shirt, but the mixed media gives it a little more style.

Similar Le Lis long sleeves are about $40 online.

4.  Paper Moon Cardigan
Wow this is comfy, oversized (so probably not flattering) and something I will live in this fall and winter.  It has pockets and a hood, and covers my butt perfectly.

Similar Paper Moon cardigans are about $40 online.

5.  12PM by Mon Ami dress/tunic
I think it's a bit long on me for a tunic and it's too darn cold here to wear it as is as a dress.  I'm going to try to style it with boots, caridgan and tights and see how I can pull it off.  It is SUPER soft and comfy!  Even though I'm not that into fashion, even I know that Ombre is 'the' thing right now.

I've seen this exact same dress online priced on average of $50.

6.  Beulah Moto in Teal
These are perfect!  They fit like a glove (I was sized up to Medium which was the right call) and are so flattering.  I can't wait to start styling these.  I had some teal jeggings that I thought were nice until I got these!  My favorite in the box.

These are priced at $50 online.


I'm very happy with the items I got.  I feel the value was definitely there.  For $164, I got about $300 worth of clothes.  I have already ordered another box, this time a $199 large box.  The shipping cost is the same, so decided I may as well as pay $50 more and get 2 or 3 more items.

Looking at these pictures, it's obvious I need to do some styling, but I'll wait for my teenager to help me with that!

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