Monday, September 14, 2015

Moxie Style - Purchase #1

Purchase #1 because there are quite a few more to come.....

As I mentioned in my last post, I've discovered mystery clothing bags much to the delight of my closet and my daughter, but not so good for the credit card bill.

I know I needed some new items to update my wardrobe.  A lot of the things I owned were just no longer looking good.  I took a lot to the consignment store and only some was taken which is a pretty good clue that my wardrobe was out of date.

I typically wear small clothing with the odd medium thrown in.  My daughter is either XS or small, so I have the 'safety net' if it doesn't fit me, it will likely fit her.  My plan was to order the Mystery Tote bag only but when I went on the site, there was some ridiculously priced sale items so I bought quite a few things.  Here's a recap:

Jackie Lisa is the owner and the company is a full one-woman show.  She opened for business in June and just received her 1,000th order.

What:  Boutique items, Curate Your Own (CYO) mystery totes, or full mystery bags
As this is a new business, she is trying out lots of new things and running new promos frequently.  The only way to keep up is being active on the Facebook page (which is really addictive)

My order:

 Mystery Tote - I don't believe she's offering these right now but I was able to choose the bag (purse or tote) I wanted and the number of surprises in it.  I purchased the most expensive bag with 2 surprise items for a cost of $65 US with free shipping to Canada.  There were other fabric totes that were less expensive.

The tote:

I really like the bag except for the plastic "thingy" hanging on it.  It really cheapens the bag and I will be cutting it off once I find something strong enough to do so.  I do like the bag though.  It's a very generous size and will be perfect for the fall.

Surprise item #1:

Super cozy Gilli cardigan.  It is quite lightweight so a good transition piece for early fall.  I need to figure out how to strike a more flattering pose.  I have worn it a few times and happy with it.

Surprise item #2:

Fits my daughter better than me.  It fit me, but is has open back which is not okay for this 46 year old.  It is Hour Glass Lily brand and very good quality.  I may try to style with black tights, cardigan and boots.  My daughter says the print is too young for me though.

Boutique Sale Items:

1. Varsity cardigan - $6
2.  Sweat it out Heart & Hips pants - $5

Picked this cardi out for dd and she loves it.  Very lightweight so another good transition piece.
The pants I sized up to M thinking they'd fit me and they were very tight on her but she'll likely wear anyway.

3.  Always Ruched Cardigan - $12
4. Hearts & Hips basic tee in plum - $5

Another lightweight cardigan that looks better on her than me as it was tight on me and showed all the lumps and bumps.  It is really cute though with ruching all along the sides.  It's okay unbuttoned but you lose the effect of the ruching that way.
The tee is super soft!!!  Good basic and a nice plum color.

Overall we were very happy with the quality.  I should have sized up on a few things but now I know that for the future.  The total price came to $93 US but at the time she had a 30% discount and free shipping over $75 so my final total came to $63.60 US for a purse and 6 items of clothing - how can you beat that!!!  All of it will be worn by one of us.

I have since placed 3 more orders to pretty good indication we were happy with the quality of items received.  I'll be reviewing those soon.

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