Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jule's Wellness October Lifestyle Box

It's always a great day when my Jule's Wellness box arrives!

Last month's box can be seen here,   So far, I've liked the variety but it's especially evident when you subscribe for a few months in a row.  For instance, this month's had more snacks compared to last month - which had facial items and this had none of those.  I know I will use everything I've received since I've started subscribing and that's pretty amazing compared to many subscription boxes.

Who: Jules Wellness is an online Wellness boutique. They sell a variety of Health conscious items including the subscription box. If you like what you receive you can purchase more and even subscribe to a particular item and they will ship it to you on a regular basis.

What: monthly box of goodies for health conscious females. These are not samples, they are full sized items from the boutique. I noticed they are planning a Mom and Baby box soon.

When: arrives at the beginning of each month.

How much: $34.32 month including shipping within Canada

This Month's goodies:

1.  Beekeepers Propolis Throat Relief  $12
Ironically, the day the box arrived my daughter came home from school with a sore throat.  She's 13 and made lots of funny faces at the taste of the spray, but she did say that it felt good and didn't have any aftertaste.  I loved seeing this in the box as I hate giving my kids sugary lozenges.

2.  Bach Rescue Night Liquid Melts $10
A homeopathic natural sleep aid.  I received this last month in my Little Life Box but have yet to try it.  I do have troubles turning my brain off many nights so will be keeping it on my bedside table.

3.  Strawsome Glass Straw and cleaning brush $7
I've always wanted to try a glass straw but was concerned about keeping them clean so it's nice they included a brush as well.  

4.  Yes, peas chickpea trail mix tropical $6
I love snacks with chickpeas so happy to try this one.

5.  pur peppermint gum $1.50
I've had this gum before as I refuse to use anything with aspartame,  I'm not a gum chewer but I keep this in my vehicle just in case I need a breath refresher and this one is very strong flavored and does the trick.

6. pukka refresh tea bags $0.75
This is a blend of organic peppermint, fennel and rose so I suspect it will be great anytime someone has a bit of upset tummy or indigestion.  

7,  Larabar apple fruit and nut energy bar $2.25
My daughter's basketball and soccer seasons started this week so having a supply of healthy snacks is a must.  These will go into her bag for between games or after practices

8.  Chocosol Artisan Sinfully Raw Vanilla Chocolate Bar $4.75
This is NOT going in my daughter's bag.  I'm going to keep it to myself.  These are made in small batches by hand in Toronto using all real ingredients.

The value of this box was about $44 or $10 more than what I paid for it.  That's a bit lower than the last few months.  As usual, I was introduced to some new products many of which are made in Canada which I love.

This is a box I regularly recommend to friends and family.

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