Thursday, October 15, 2015

Relish Clothing Review #2

Once again Harper Noel, owner of Relish Clothing, hit it out of the park.

This time I ordered a large mystery tote which is described as follows on the website:
"Large box $199 – This is where all the magic happens. Expect to receive 8-9 pieces and perhaps even a luxe item!! For the super adventurous #relishgirl. The value is = mindblowing!"

My first review, here, was for a medium sized box but I decided to order up this time.  The shipping doesn't increase for the larger box, so why not?  

The way Relish works is described best on their Facebook page, but it does involve pinning items of interest from Harper's Pinterest board and other customer's reveals on Facebook.  In my last order, I received 6 pieces of clothing, 4 of which were items I had pinned, and 2 complete surprises.  I liked everything, but ironically the two surprises are what I've worn the most in the past month.  This time all but 1 of the items were items I had NOT pinned, but yet I'm very happy with what I got.  Maybe Harper knows me better than I know myself.  

Along with pinning items, you are also asked to give your measurements, items you are particularly looking for, items you aren't etc.  I wrote a VERY detailed list for both orders and it seems to have worked.  I do know that I had asked for pants, but I also was worried about anything low rise which is likely why I didn't get any.  I did say I had some fundraising events coming up if there was a LBD I'd love that, so am a bit disappointed I didn't get that, but I will stalk the for sale boards in the facebook group to see if something that would work is listed there.

Enough chatter, here are the goodies:

1.    Comme Toi plaid button up.  

I had asked for anything black and white plaid.  This is navy and I'm definitely okay with that.  The back is stretchy so a very comfy shirt.  I know I will get a lot of wear out of this one.  It does recommend dry cleaning, but if I'm wearing this as an everyday kind of shirt, I'm not dry cleaning it.  I will wash in gentle cold cycle and hang to dry and hope for the best.  I have never seen Comme Toi brands here so no idea on quality, etc. but after a quick search online it seems to be decent line.
This is the one item I did have pinned.  

2.  THML lightweight sweater

Another item with plaid makes me happy.  The grey sweater is very lightweight but lined on the front so no worry about it being see through.  Again, I plan on wearing this a lot but will have to be careful washing as it recommends hand wash, lay flat to dry.  Again, a new-to-me brand (because I live under a rock in the middle of nowhere) but I've seen other THML items in stitch-fix reviews for around $60.  I did have quite a few black and red plaid items on my style Pinterest board which I'm sure Harper noticed.

3.  Staccato Elbow Patch striped sweater

I didn't have THIS pinned, but I had the black and white striped cardigan with elbow patches, so I think that's close enough!  I love this one.  Super comfy and the patches give it just a bit of character.  Another hand wash item, but it'll be worth the extra care required.  Even I've heard of Staccato before.  It's not too heavy of a sweater and I know I'll wear it often.

4. 12PM by MonAmi Floral Hoodie

I don't own anything floral, and I didn't have anything floral pinned BUT I love this!  My daughter is also going to love it, so I have to keep it hidden.  It is SO comfy and will look awesome with a couple pairs of leggings I own.  I received a 12PM by MonAmi in my last box and it was super happy with it, so happy to see the brand again.  Says hand wash, but again I'm going to risk washing on gentle cycle.  Did that with the one from last month and it was perfectly fine.  The crazy pose is to show it has a hoodie and a kangaroo pocket - LOVE it!!

5  EZRA floral blouse

Another floral, this one I'm okay with but not loving but mostly because it's way too low in the front.  I will have to try it with a cami of some kind.  Another new to me brand but it looks like very good quality.  I'm thinking it will dress up a pair of grey skinny jeans really well.  

6.  Naked Zebra blouse

A beautiful maroon colored blouse I didn't know I needed.  Terrific color for fall.  There's a exposed gold zipper on the back but I didn't get a pic of it.  A good quality brand again.  I love the detail on the neckline.  Everything I received was size small but this one definitely ran the smallest.

7.  90021 by Naked Zebra cardigan

I know I'll wear lots.  It's SUPER soft and actually matches the floral blouse perfectly since the blouse has this sagey green in the leaves.  Another item I haven't seen in any Relish reveals before but happy with receiving it.

8.  Cherish Maroon Cardigan

I had pinned this in ivory, but I LOVE that I received this one instead.  I know I'd stain the ivory one right away and this is so much better color for fall.  I think it's the softest piece of clothing I've ever owned.  I haven't taken it off since I tried it on this morning.  

9.  ZAD necklace

I had requested that I not receive jewelry but this is just too beautiful, so I'm okay.  I have so much jewelry, I really don't need anymore but since I love multi-strand, gold and stones this is a triple-win for me.


I'm happy!

I placed the order on Harper's birthday when she gave everyone a discount.  The box came to $188 after discount and shipping of $35.  Unfortunately, I also got hit with a custom's charge of $36 this time.  So the final cost to me was just under $280 Canadian.  Not chunk change by any means.  I receive clothes I haven't seen in stores here and I don't have to go shopping!  I really think I'm set for a few months though.  There are many other companies out there where I could spend less for 9 items, but I do believe the quality of these items are better than many other places I've ordered from.

Will I order again?  Absolutely.  
Do I need to wait for a bit?  Yes.  
Will I be able to stay away from the posts and reveals on Facebook and avoid the temptation of ordering another one soon?  Probably not..........

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