Friday, October 23, 2015

Review of House Box #1 subscription box

I was very excited when I heard there was another Canadian Subscription box on the market - this one catering to your home.  As per the website,

Discover items that make a house your home.
Expertly selected products and samples delivered right to your doorstep! You will receive 5 or more items, including samples of household products (cleaners, laundry detergents, dish soaps, etc), non-perishable consumables (coffee, tea, spices, etc), atmosphere enhancers (candles, essential oils), and other unique household items!

The cost was $21.95 + $9.95 shipping  less 25% off the first box.

There were quite a few eMails from the company in advance to build the hype of the box and then another sending me a refund since I had paid full price before they released the 25% off coupon for the first box.  As a result, I was very impressed.

The box ships out every second month on the 15th of the month.  I received my box on Oct. 19.  This is what I received:

The box is small so fit into my super mailbox no problem.  It measures 4.5"x 2.5" x 8".  The box included an information card with details and pricing of each item received.

1.  Greenmunch Paper Straws:
These were listed at 250 for $30.  I received 8 straws so this was worth $1.

2.  Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee:
Cost listed is $13 for 340g.  This is a 70g sample so worth $2.67.

3. The Good Home Co. Summer Cottage Dryer Sheets.

Cost listed at $12 for 20 sheets - that seems very expensive to me.  I use wool balls so don't know how this compares to other natural dryer sheets, but I would not purchase at that price.  They recommend using 1 or 2 sheets per load.  They are not reusable.  That's about $1 per load of laundry and with a family of 5, I do at least 2 loads per day.  There were 2 sheets provided to try, worth $1.20.

4.  The Laundress delicate wash detergent.

Cost listed as $24 for 16 oz.  I use all natural laundry detergent so I'm aware it's more pricey than the cheap stuff, but this is very pricey.  The sample received is 0.5 ml enough for one washing and would be worth $0.75

5.  Murchison Home Heirloom Dish soap.

Cost listed at 32 oz for 32ml.  Again, much pricier than the natural brands I use.  The sample received doesn't have a size indicated but it's enough for 1 load of dishes, I'd say about 0.5ml as similar size to the washing detergent.  That would be worth $0.50.

6.  Young Living Essential Oils

I use essential oils all of the time.  There is no cost listed on the information sheet, but my sister sells YL so I know it's not inexpensive.  The sample size received is not big enough though to get any sense of the product so I don't think there is any value to it.


I hate publishing anything negative but I am not happy with this box at all.  The value is about $6-$7. That comes no where close to the cost of the box.  In addition, not one of the items in the box are items I would ever purchase again.  

I immediately cancelled my subscription.

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