Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy Mail!! A Beautiful Mess February reveiw

I signed up for a 12-month subscription last month and just received my first envelope.  When you sign up for 12 months, it works out to $15/month plus $2/mo if you are in Canada.  It was shipped Feb. 12 and arrived today, March 9.  It took longer than I expected but I'm getting used to things getting here slowly from the US.  

I used to make cards but it seems like I'm just not finding the time (or motivation) to do it lately.  I thought by getting this subscription it will increase the chance of me getting better at sending things out.  I'm also at that stage in life where I know I'll be needing/wanting to send out some cards regularly so looking forward to having a good selection when necessary.  Now I have to come up with a good way of organizing them.  I love organizing projects so looking forward to it!

From their site:
Are you ready to get some amazing stationery this month? Whether you're ready to plan a date, send a sweet sentiment (or two), or just share the love with family and friends, this month's Happy Mail has got you covered. There's more to love too - an awesome pencil, stickers, an art print, and more! Happy Mail subscribers get $50 (retail value) of stationery at their doorstep for only $15 a month, with each and every piece curated with care by A Beautiful Mess.
Enjoy the month of all things sentimental with this perfect mix of cards and other goodies!
Here's some close ups of the items:

I love that each month they include a frame-able art print.  My eldest niece just built her first house and is using one of the bedrooms as her studio as she loves to paint.  I'm going to frame this and add it to her house warming gift.
My daughter and I both love Taylor Swift's "Shake" so this pencil will be going in her Easter basket.

My eldest is graduating from high school this June and I know I will have a need for cards for many of his friends who are in his class so these will be some good non-typical grad cards.
These are all choose the occasion cards and I'm sure will work well for many things - teacher thank you, graduation or just because.  Not sure when I'll use the It's a Date? card, but you never know when the opportunity may come up.

This do-nut one will be great with a Starbucks's gift card maybe for my University bound son or niece.
Lots of opportunities to use this one with all the females in our extended family or for a girl friend.
Our family all live in at least 5 hours away and as our parents age, I think it will be nice to start sending them more regular mail.  My DH's grandmother just turned 100 last month.  She still lives on her own but doesn't get out much,  I know she'll love the roses postcard.  We only see her a couple of times a year so the Miss You card will be perfect as well.
And lastly, two sticker sheets.  The circles can be used to close the envelopes and I know my DD will have a ton of fun with the sassy word sticker set.  
I'm very impressed with the quality and quantity of what I received for the price.  Most of the cards are not folded but I think if I ever need more space to write in, I can just trim the flat cards down and mount on some cardstock to make a folded card.  All of the envelopes are self sticking which I love since I hate licking envelopes!
I'm definitely looking forward to my next shipment and would recommend it for sure.

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