Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wantable Accessories February Review

Another great surprise in the mailbox today.  It was shipped only 7 days ago, which is amazing when coming from the US.

I am really liking the Wantable company.  They do a great job of shipping, packing, curating, etc.  I will have to take a break once and awhile since it does end up being over $50 with shipping and exchange, and I also really don't need this many accessories.


1.  Macy Sunglasses Gold retail $14
First thing I pulled out were these sunglasses.  Unfortunately, they really don't work for me.  My teenagers all laughed hysterically when I put them on.  I have a very small face and these are huge.  I will have to find a friend who can pull them off.

2.  Abigail Necklace Gold Retail $24

This is a very pretty necklace and a great length for me.  I still have to look through my wardrobe to see how I can style it.  They suggest a grey t-shirt and a blue blazer.  Maybe I'll have to go a blue blazer.

3.  Becca Earrings Gold - retail $11

These are cute horseshoe earrings.  Although I do like them, I think I'm going to gift them to a certain someone who I know will love them.

4.  Sage Necklace Multi - retail $26

I LOVE this necklace.  I added a comment for this shipment that I would like something longer and possibly tasseled.  Kimberly was my stylist and she included this note:  "Thanks for the comment, Joann!  I have included the long Sage necklace that I hope you will enjoy :)".  I love that they try to match you requests.  I had a simple tasseled necklace in mind, but I love this one.  It is very long, ending past the waistband of my pants so I just added a knot in the chain and it's perfect.  I have a very short torso so this isn't a surprise.


Once again, I am happy with my box goodies overall.  I'm disappointed in the sunglasses, but it's all a learning curve and I will move them to my dislikes list.  I'll move a few other things I haven't gotten yet to the love list to mix up what I'm getting.  It's great to have this option.

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